Martin Moen Wulffeld

This is the personal site of Martin Moen Wulffeld.

I work as a software developer specializing in web development focused around Ruby on Rails, CSS and JavaScript.

In past jobs and bygone times I was mostly doing C/C++ work on Windows and various Linux platforms. Projects ranged from embedded network coding on ARM and Intel platforms to projects which were in GUI land.

Discovering computers in the heydays of Commodore 64 and Amiga I now have a big soft spot for pixel graphics, the demo scene and retro gaming.


The following are personal projects that are currently still live.

✈️ Danske Rejsebureauer

A Danish site listing all Danish travel agencies.

Visit Danske Rejsebureauer.

🎬 Screenah

I love movies but often I would watch a trailer and forget everything about wanting to watch the movie when the movie came out. Screenah solves this problem by giving the user the ability to say yes/no to movies based on the trailer.

On IMDB I've rated more than a 1000 movies and TV shows - so you don't have to.

Visit Screenah.

🎤 Setlisting

Setlisting is a social network for people into setlists and the minute details surrounding a concert.

You can track your own concert history and dive into statistics from many angles.

Visit Setlisting.

💿 Shared Playlists

Shared Playlists is a site for Spotify users to share and discover playlists.

Visit Shared Playlists.